The Black Mountain Trail is a foot race (on trails and mountain paths) organized by the Association “ESPRIT MONTAGNE NOIRE”.

Three distances are offered : 
18 KM 1000D+, 33 KM 2100D+ et 55 KM 3600D+

Departure times :
55 KM : 6 a.m A00 (350 runners MAX)
33 KM : 8 a.m (600 runners MAX)
18 KM : 10 a.m – 12 a.m (by waves). Registration possible for teams of 3 (team ranking different from solo runners / 720 solo runners / 20 teams).


Runners and walkers must be aged over 18 on the day of the race (senior categories for veterans).
Registrations will be validated only if accompanied by : 

a) For licence holders a photocopy of their valid FFA FFR sports license (or FFCO, FF Triathlon et FF Pentathlon) en cours de validité.
b) For unlicensed a medical certificate specifying there are no contraindications to the practice of running in competition off stage, must be less than a year old and delivered at the latest one week before the race.

Certificates and copies of the license could be downloaded during registration or subsequently sent by mail at :
Black Mountain Trail
Stade de Gassies
81240 Saint-Amans-Soult

or by mail at :


(Including t-shirt, electronic chip timing system, refueling and breakfast).

Objectif Nore 18 KM : 18,00 €

Black Race 33 KM : 25,00 €

Coupo Cambo 55 KM : 33,00 €

Hike gourmet : 5,00€ (Including refueling at the hut). Registration for the hike does not include electronic chip timing system and technical running shirt.
Restoration on the village departure possible at the end of the hike and open to all (not included in the registration).

Racing Heroes : registration free until the day of the race taking into account the availability of places. up to 100 participants/ Parental permission is required.

Registrations will open on November 19, 2017 and can be done by mail before February 15, 2018 or online until February 27, 2018.
They will closed on 27/02/2017 or once the maximum number of registrations will be reached (1780 pers), no registration will be possible on the day of the race. (Excepting for Gourmets hike and Racing heroes).

The choice of the size of the technical shirt is made at the registration time and this until January 20, 2018. After this date, the entered riders will receive an L size shirt only.

Runners can choose their starting waves on the 18Km at the time of their inscriptions (on paper format we will enter the runners in the chosen waves.In case of complete wave we will enter the runner on the following one). Team start will be on the last 2 waves (40 teams). 

Bonus !
The first registrant of each department will be refunded
Until 21 November 2017 included. The registrants (Race Trail) before January 15th will be referenced
in the lists of riders of the Official Programs which will be offered to all participants.


The organization does not offer a cancellation guarantee for registrations.

The cancellation request will be considered only for the following causes :
– an accident ;
– serious illness ;
– death of the runner ;
– serious illness requiring hospitalization or death of a close one: his/her spouse or partner, ascendants or descendants.
In case of accident or critical illness of the rider, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate testifying the contraindication to participate in the race. Any other cause of cancellation must be justified by a certificate issued by the competent authority.
All refund requests must be received, together with the certificate no later than February 16, 2018 to the email adress :

In case of cancellation request a refund of paid fees for registration will be done under the following conditions :
Amount reimbursed corresponds to a percentage of the amount of registration and the date of receipt of the application : 
Before November 30, 2017 : 80%
From December 1, 2017 to January 15, 2018 : 70%
From January 16, 2018 to February 15, 2018 : 50%
After February 16, 2018, no refunds will be considered.


Refueling «foodie» will be served to the competitors.
Will be rewarded :
18 KM : first 3 men and women categories.
33 KM : first 3 men and women categories.
55 KM : first 3 men and women categories.
The first man and woman of each categories.


An electronic chip, used for timekeeping, will be distributed with the starting package. The participant will give it back on its arrival.
A GPS tag will be loaned to some riders chosen by the organization and in agreement with them, this tag will be returned at the end of the race to the timekeeper.


Each rider must have with him/her its entire mandatory equipment race all along the running. The material’s control may be made, on the course, by the head of supplies or by controllers. If you choose to take sticks, it’s for the whole duration of the race.

List of compulsory equipment :
– Water tank (minimum 1 liter) ;
– a headlamp in good working order. Only 55 KM runners are required to have this lamp ;
– survival blanket ;
– food reserve ;

List of equipment strongly recommended in case of bad weather conditions :
– Raincoat for bad mountain weather ;
– Thermal undercoat ;
– Stockings covering the legs ;
– Collar size / Buff
– Glovers
=> This information will be given, if needed, the day before the race on Facebook
( and on the website (


Personal accident insurance: it is for each participant to be personally insured.
Each entry is personal. No registration transfer is authorized for any reason whatsoever. Any person giving away his/her bib to a third party will be responsible for any accident or caused by the latter during the event. Anyone with a bib acquired in breach of these regulations may be disqualified. The bib must be fully legible during the race. The organization disclaims all liability for any accident or injury in this type of situation.

Third-party Liability insurance: The organizers are covered by an insurance policy. For further information, contact the organization at


The markup will be provided with a specific rubalise or biodegradable bomb paint as well as the arrowed panels/signs. On the portions opened to traffic the competitor must comply with the Highway Code. Flag persons will be present at the areas considered as most problematic. Man check points /File closers will be present to secure the race.


81 Red Cross will be present on the ground to provide emergency first aid with
vehicle and link with the Centre Hospitalier Castres Mazamet. Doctors will ensure the first aid (the number will depend on the number of participants). An additional emergency team with ambulance vehicles will also be present in the area of departure / arrival.


It will be held the day (02/03/2018) before the race in the start town between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm at the room Gassies. The organization will set up a forgotten bibs delivery on the day of the race. This delivery will take place from 4:45 to 8:00 am at the Gassiès room. In addition, bibs delivery will take place from 8:45 am to 11:30 am in the start zone of the “Objectif Nore” race.

The organization can’t be held responsible in case of delay regarding the delivery of bibs during the race day.


The principle of individual racing in semi self-sufficiency is the rule. Refueling stations are supplied with drinks and food. The rider must ensure that he/she has, from each fueling station, the amount of water and nutrients that he/she needs to reach the next refueling point. Competitors may not receive outside help and will be subjects to penalties when appropriate.


Time barriers will be set up during the 55 KM race.
Competitors will be stopped at Albine refueling at 10:05 am (KM 20, return by shuttle) and at 2:00 pm at the Nore road (KM 38 return by shuttle or KV route). Runners arriving after 5:30 pm will not be ranked.


The organization reserves the right to modify at any time, the route and locations of relief and refreshment posts, without notice. In case of too unsuitable weather conditions (large amounts of rain and snow at altitude, strong stormy risks …) the start may be postponed or even the race cancelled; for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to stop the event underway. In case of cancellation of the event for the reasons mentioned above, no refund of registrations will take place.


By participating in one of the races registered on the Black Mountain Trail ® – 2018 edition, each competitor expressly authorizes the organizing association, ESPRIT MONTAGNE NOIRE or one of its partners to use or reproduce his name, his image, his voice and his sports performance as part of these races for any direct exploitation or derived form of the trial, and this on any support, worldwide, by all known or unknown means, and for the whole term of protection currently granted to direct or derived holdings by legal or regulatory provisions.

According to the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, each participant has the right to access and rectify his personal data. Through our intermediary, you may receive proposals from other companies or associations. If you don’t want it, you just have to write us by indicating your name, first name and complete address.


Competitors will be eliminated or will receive a penalty time due to :
– falsification bib ;
– lack of bib ;
– lack of required equipment ;
– not pointing at checkpoints ;
– pollution or degradation crossed sites (cut trails, trash jets) ;
– refusal to be examined by a doctor ;
– refuelling outside the designated areas ;
– disrespect to the public or members of the organization ;
– use of an external transportation

Failure of the regulation by a runner can result in an immediate disqualification or application of a penalty, after decision of the organizing committee without possibility of appeal against this sanction. Claims will be accepted up to one hour after the arrival of the final classified rider, directly from the organization on the start site / arrival.


In case of injury or accident of a competitor, each one will bring assistance to the victim or to have the most appropriate behaviour.
– respect the wildlife: do not throw bottles and other used sachets of energy bars on the ground and do not shout unnecessarily ;
– respect the signs, only guarantor of your good orientation ;
– enjoy the beautiful scenery ;
– respect the authorized public areas ;
– think that if access to certain sites is prohibited it is for obvious safety reasons ;
– get together to form complete car: traffic will be lighter on authorized sites ;
– no smoking in refueling areas ;

Controllers that will witness such irregularities will be assigned to disqualify all runners who do not respect these essential points of the Regulation. They ensure indeed ethics and the spirit of the Trail race.


In order to get the groups together at the table, a leader must be appointed by the group to recover the meal tickets for each participant. He/she will then give all group tickets (required) to the organization at the package (salle de Gassiès le 2 et 3 march 2018) delivery time by specifying the name of the table. Another ticket recovery session assignment will take place from 10:00 to 12:00 am March 3, 2018.


With registration, the participant accepts without reservation this Regulation and racing ethics. He/she is committed to follow the planned route.
Any breach of any of these rules will result in a penalty time or disqualification of the participant after decision of the organisation Committee.